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SFP5100 Forward Plate Honda GX160

SFP5100 Forward Plate Honda GX160


SFP5100 gas-powered Forward Plate is 20" wide with an eccentric force of 5100 lbs. The plates are fast and nimble to get the job done easily with smart features designed to extend component life and increase performance. This plate can be used for large jobs for a variety of backfill, landscaping.

* Powered by Honda GX160 * Base plate size 20" x 24" * Eccentric force 5100 lbs. * Patented one-piece base plate design includes an extra large oil reservoir that dissipates the internal heat to the entire plate surface. Cools the oil inside and preheats the base plate for more efficient performance on asphalt. * Synchronized drive system includes the eccentric, innovative offset eccentric sheave, heavy-duty centrifugal clutch, and engine, linked by a space-age Kevlar belt. The system transfers power more efficiently to the ground. * Patented offset eccentric sheave eliminates belt stress for extended belt life.

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